Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8 môn Tiếng Anh năm 2013 (Phần 2)

Tổng hợp đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8 môn tiếng Anh năm 2013 - 2014 phần 2 gồm 4 đề thi (đề số 4 - đề số 7) các trường THCS trên cả nước, các bạn tham khảo dưới đây.

Cập nhật Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8 môn tiếng Anh năm 2013 - 2014 phần 2 gồm 4 đề (đề số 4 - đề số 7) ngày 9/12/2013

 Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8 môn tiếng Anh - đề số 4

I.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

  1. A. rub                              B. plumber                           C. bamboo                             D. suitable
  2. A. burned                         B. stopped                           C. asked                                D. promised
  3. A. stamps                        B. trains                               C. caves                                 D. hotels
  4. A. sight                            B. tribe                                 C. seaside                              D. magnificent
  5. A. jungle                          B. sunny                              C. bus                                    D. surrounding


II.Choose the best option to complete these following sentences.

6. My family ________here since last year.

             A. lived                            B. was lived                        C. have lived                          D. lives

7. You ought to ________your homework before going to class.

             A. did                              B. do                                   C. doing                                 D. does

8. She enjoys ________jokes, but her jokes sometimes annoy us.       

             A. tell                               B. tells                                 C. told                                    D. telling

9. He is only two year old, so he ________to go to school.

             A. is enough old               B. old is enough                   C. isn’t enough old                 D. isn’t old enough

10. Could you ________me a favor?

             A. do                               B. get                                  C. give                                   D. make

11. I lost my pen, but I couldn’t________it anywhere.

             A. look for                       B. see                                  C. find                                    D. All are correct

12. That’s very kind________you to help me.    

             A. on                               B. to                                    C. from                                  D. of

13. Could I speak ________Lan, please?

             A. for                               B. to                                    C. with                                    D. at

14. We are going to ________fishing this Sunday.

             A. go                               B. went                                C. going                                 D. have gone

15. Lan moved back home ________10. 00 pm.

             A. with                             B. for                                   C. of                                      D. at

16. As students, we________our parents.

             A. ought obey                  B. ought to obey                  C. must to                              D. obeying

17. You can call me when you are out by using ________.

             A. telephone directory      B. public telephone               C. address book                     D. answering machine

18. He finally________the decision to go abroad.

             A. came up with               B. came up                          C. came                                  D. came with

19. Ho Chi Minh Cityis________city inVietnam.

             A. larger                           B. the most large                  C. the largest                          D. more large

20. Living in the city is________.

             A. more convenient          B. quieter                             C. more peaceful                    D. easier 

III.Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.

21. I’m glad telling you that I’m going to have interesting activities.

                         A                      B                 C                   D

22. We have gone to Ho Chi Minh City five months ago.

        A             B                                   C                D

22. He asked me if I like playing tennis.

                A    B           C                   D

23. This hotel has been already in business for fifty years

                                    A             B                 C           D

24. She hates watch TV in the evening.

        A         B       C                     D 

IV.Choose the word (a, b, c, or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

Harry starts work at half past six. He delivers papers every day of the week, from Monday to Saturday, but not (26)_____ Sundays. He works in the mornings before school and (27)_____ the afternoons after school. He usually finishes work (28) ______ six o’clock.

Harry says, “(29)______ the summer, the job is OK, but (30)_____ December and January, the weather is very cold! I like this job. I get a lot of exercise, and the money is good. I’m saving my money in the bank at the moment for a holiday inSpain.”

A. in                 B. at                 C. on            D. between

A. in               B. at                    C. on                        D. when

A. in                  B. at                 C. on                         D. since

A. In         B. At                    C. On                                     D. Ø

A. from                B. at              C. on                                      D. in 

V.Read the passage again and then answer the following questions.

Once, there was a king inTibetwho loved to eat fish. His love for fish was so great that he couldn’t eat anything if there was no fish on the table.

It happened one year that there was no rain. Month after month, there was less and less water in the rivers, and less and less fish, until there was no fish at all, even for the king. The king could not eat everything. He sent men to all the fishermen’s villages in the country to announce that the man who brought fish to the king’s table could have any reward he asked for.

Some time passed and a poor fisherman appeared in front of the king’s palace, carrying a lot of fish. When the guard at the gate saw the fisherman coming toward him, he immediately knew who the man was taking the fish to, so he asked the man to give the fish to him. The fisherman did not agree. The guard finally agreed to let him go on the condition that the fisherman had to give him half of his reward.

After the fisherman met the king, the king asked him what he wanted for the reward. Surprisingly, the fisherman asked for thousand blows and he shared his reward to the guard at the gate. This gave the guard a lesson about being dishonest.

  1. Who loved to eat fish so great?

      2. Why was there no fish at all?

       3. Who could have any reward?

       4.Who appeared in front of the king’s palace?

       5. What did the fishman ask for?

VI.Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

  1. I usually stayed up late to watch football matches last year.

   I  used to .............

  1. Mary is very intelligent. She can speak four languages. (enough)

Mary ................

  1. They intend to visit their grandparents at Christmas.

They are going .................

  1.  “ You should practice speaking English every day”. The teacher said to us

 The teacher advised ............

  1. Our teacher said, “ Listen carefully in class to save your study time at home.”

Our teacher told ................

 Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8 môn tiếng Anh - đề số 5

I.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

  1. A. how                                       B. now                                               C. know                                                 D. cow
  2. A. what                                      B. where                                            C. when                                                 D. who
  3. A. please                                    B. teach                                             C. head                                                  D. meet
  4. A. talked                                    B. stopped                                         C. noted                                                 D. laughed
  5. A. books                                    B. cats                                                C. stamps                                              D. weeds

II.Choose the best option to complete the following sentences.

  1. _________ were you last Sunday? - I went to Ha Long Bay.

                A. What                                     B. Who                                              C. When                     D. Where

  1. Don’t get up so late! You ought _________ earlier.

                A. get up                                    B. gets up                                          C. to get up                                           D. to get

  1. Nam’s father _________ him how to ride a bike when he was seven.

                A. teach                                     B. taught                                           C. teacher                                              D. to teach

  1. I’ve studied English _________ 3 years.

                A. at                                           B. for                                                 C. since                                                  D. on

  1. Mrs. Lan asked me _________ her the truth.

                A. tell                                          B. told                                                C. telling                                                D. to tell

  1. They used _________ on a farm when they were young.

                A. to live                                    B. live                                                 C. lived                            D. living

  1. Mai often _________ badminton in the afternoon.

                A. to play                                  B. play                                               C. plays                                                 D. played

  1. ______ is the study of the earth and its countries, mountains, rivers, weather, etc.

                A. Geography                           B. Physics                                          C. Chemistry                                        D. Math

  1. They _________ a new bike three years ago.

                A. bought                                  B. buy                                                C. buyed                                                D. to buy

  1. Vietnamese language is different _________ English language.

                A. as                                           B. from                                              C. like                                                     D. with

  1. Would you like ___________a message?

                A. leave                                     B. leaving                                          C. to leave                                             D. left

  1. The children are old enough to look after__________

                A. ourselves                              B. themselves                                   C. herself                                               D. himself

  1. My father used_________us to the zoo when he was alive.

                A. taking                                    B. took                                               C. take                                                   D. to take

  1. They’ll arrive_________Monday, 14 July.

                A. during                                    B. in                                                    C. on                                                      D. at

  1. The new shopping mall is quite_________the present shopping area.

                A. the same                               B. different from                             C. like to                                                D. similar

III.Choose the underlined part that needs correcting

  1. I strongly believe that friends plays a very important role in our life.

                   A                             B                             C                 D

  1. We are having a birthday party in Saturday night. Would you like to come?

                    A                                 B                  C                               D

There are a lot of books in the library but you ought buy some more from the bookshop. A                       B                               C                          D

  1. We have learnt to play the piano for 2005.

               A         B        C                  D

  1. I used to working for this company when I was young.

                   A     B           C                                       D

IV.Read the passage and choose the best option to complete the gaps.

Once a farmer (26)______ a comfortable life with his family. His chickens laid many eggs which the farmer used to (27)______ to buy food and clothing for his family.

One day, he (28)______ to collect the eggs and discovered one of the chickens laid a gold egg. He shouted excitedly to his wife, “We’re rich! We’re rich!”

His wife (29)______ to him and they both looked at the egg in amazement. The wife wanted more, so her husband decided (30)______ open all the chickens and find more gold eggs. Unfortunately he couldn’t find any eggs. When he finished all the chickens were dead.

There were no more eggs of any kind for the foolish farmer and his greedy wife.

  1. A. lived                                      B. live                                                 C. lives                                                   D. living
  2. A. selling                                    B. sell                                                 C. sells                                                    D. sold
  3. A. go                                           B. goes                                               C. went                                                  D. is going
  4. A. run                                         B. runs                                               C. is running                                          D. ran
  5. A. cutting                                   B. to cut                                             C. cut                                                     D. A&B

V.Read the passage and answer the following questions.

I have twin brothers, Tim and Tom. They are very similar and a lot of people don’t know which is which. They both have blond hair and blue eyes, and they always wear jeans and T-shirts. They like doing the same things, too. For example, they both like jazz and they’re crazy about football. They go to a football match once a week. Tim doesn’t like dancing or discos and Tom doesn’t like them, either. Although they’re twins, they’re not exactly the same at everything. Tim works hard at school because he wants to go to university, but Tom is a bit lazy. Our mother is often away from home because of her job, so we all work together in the house. Most of the time it’s fine, but sometimes we fight a bit!

 1. What do Tim and Tom always wear?

 2. How often do they go to a football match?

 3. What don’t they like?

 4. Why does Tim work hard at school?

 5. Why is their mother often out?

VI.Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

  1. Mai / enjoy / learn English.


       2. She often went to school by bike but now she doesn’t any more. ( used to)

     She .........................

      3.  “ Don’t go out and put on warm clothes” said the doctor. (  reported speech)

    The doctor ................

      4. Minh is too young. He can’t drive a car. ( enough)


       5. I started playing tennis last year.

 I have .......................

 Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8 môn tiếng Anh - đề số 6

I.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

  1. A. buffalo                      B. rope          C. wisdom                         D. clothes
  2. A. mend            B. semester               C. letter                             D. report
  3. A. revision              B. festival             C. postcard           D. promise
  4. A. shout          B. loud           C. group                            D. scout
  5. A. handicap      B. education         C. tidy                               D. friend

II.Choose the option that best fits each of the blanks.

  1. I _________gardening, but I don’t have time for it now.

            A. use to enjoy               B. used to enjoy                   C. use to enjoying             D. used to enjoying

2. He died _________a broken heart.

            A. with                           B. by                                    C. because                        D. of

3. The doctor _________he should take a few days off.

            A. say                             B. asked                               C. said                              D. ask

4. I went to bed _________last night.

            A. lately                         B. latest                                C. late                                D. later

5. The next meeting of the committee _________on November 5th.

            A. are                             B. was                                  C. were                              D. is

6. The _________is people who cannot see.

            A. blind                          B. deaf                                 C. mute                             D. poor

7. Mr. White _________her to stand up.

            A. spoke                         B. asked                               C. talked                           D. said

8. It’s too cold outside. _________you close the door, please?

            A. Do                             B. Are                                  C. Could                           D. Why don’t

9. She is studying hard _________pass the final exams.

            A. for                             B. in order to                        C. so to                              D. so that

10. Can you fill _________this form for me?

            A. in                               B. on                                    C. by                                 D. at

11. “_________ do you have English?” ~ “Three times a week.”

            A. How                          B. How far                           C. How long                     D. How often

12. The new library _________onNgo Quyen Streetnext week.

            A. opens                         B. will opening                     C. going to open               D. was opening

  1. What you had to do sounds _________hard work.

            A. like                            B. as                                     C. similar                           D. familiar

  1. Once upon a time there _________a girl called Little Pea.

            A. be                              B. has                                   C. was                               D. had

  1. You should try to learn the new words by _________.

            A. heart                          B. head                                 C. eye                                D. mouth  

III.Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.

  1. I don’t enjoy to go on vacation as much as I used to.

              A               B      C                                       D

  1. Tim’s mother said that she was very proud about her son.

                                     A            B                    C      D

  1. My sister uses to play tennis a lot but she doesn’t play very often now.

                                A                      B               C                        D

  1. The course begins on May 12th and finishes some time at August.

                             A      B                          C                      D

  1. Take this form to your teacher and ask her sign it.

                 A               B                   C                D

IV.Read the passage and fill in each blank.

Like the Y & Y, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is a youth (26)_______It builds character, and encourages good citizenship and personal fitness.

Scouting began in (27)_______in 1907. Two years later, an American businessman, William Boyce, got lost inLondon. A boy helped him and explained that he was a scout. This meeting led to the Scouts Association (28)_______theAtlanticin 1910.

Although scouting is mainly for boys, there are organizations similar to the BSA which girls can join. The Girl Guides Association and the coeducational Camp Fire Boys and Girls, both of which (29)_______in 1910, are two such groups. (30)_______1994, there were 5,400,000 scouts inAmerica.

  1.  A. organize                    B. organization                     C. organizations                D. organizes
  2.  A.Viet Nam                 B. America                           C. England                        D.France
  3.  A. to cross                     B. to crossing                       C. cross                             D. crossing
  4.  A. started                      B. to start                             C. starting                         D. start
  5.  A. On                            B. In                                     C. By                                 D. At

V.Read the passage and choose the correct answer.

According Dr. Lee, here are the most important things a student should do to be a good language learner. First, you should always go to class and get to it early. Second, you should sit straight and pay attention. And you ought to ask and answer questions in class. Third, you should do all homework and try to use your new language outside of class at least once every week. Finally, you mustn’t give up.

  1. The author was trying to _________.

            A. show how important the language is                     B. introduce a new way of language learning

            C. give the reader advice on language learning.

            D. persuade the readers to join their new language class.

  1. The author wrote the passage to _________.

            A. students                     B. language learners             C. doctors                         D. engineers

  1. Which of the following could be the best title of the passage?

            How to be a good language learner.                           B. How to be a good teacher.

            C. A new way of language learning.                          D. Dr. Lee’s Ideas.

  1. We could replace “ought to” in line 3 with _________.

            A. should                       B. have to                             C. need                              D. can

  1. Language learners shouldn’t _________.

            A. get to class early                                                     B. ask and answer questions in class

            C. be absent from school                                            D. use the new language outside of class

Which sentence is closest in meaning to the root one?

  1. I used to get up late, but I don’t any more.

            A. I used to get up late. B. I am now getting up late.

            C. I will get up late.                                                    D. I am going to get up late.

  1. Mr. Lam is a very careful driver.

            A. Mr. Lam drives his car very careful.                      B. Mr. Nam is driving care and careful.

            C. Mr. Lam drives very carefully.                               D. Mr. Nam and a driver are carefully.

  1. He told me to close the window.

            A. “Do you close the window?” he told me.         

            B. “Can you close the window, please?” he said 

            C. “Are you going to close the window?” he asked 

            D. “Please can I close the window?” said he. 

  1.  Ba hates doing the washing up and his brother hates doing the washing up. 

            A. Ba doesn’t dislike doing the washing up but his brother does. 

            B. Ba hates doing the washing up and his brother doesn’t, too.

             C. Ba and his brother love doing the washing up. 

            D. Ba hates doing the washing up and so does his brother. 

  1. When were you born? 

            A. What is your birthday?                                          B. When is your birthday? 

            C. When is your date of birth?               D. What is your birth date? 

  Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8 môn tiếng Anh - đề số 7 

I.Chọn từ có phần gạch dưới được phát âm khác với những từ còn lại trong mỗi câu sau. 

1.         A. pancake                     B. surface                             C. paper                          D. late 

2.         A. wanted                      B. played                              C. learned                       D. returned 

3.         A. saucepan                    B. precaution                        C. caught                        D. laugh 

4.         A. answer                       B. always                             C. wrong                        D. write 

5.         A. injure                         B. knife                                C. kill                             D. sink

 II.Chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất

6. Lan is a friendly person with a great sense of_________. 

            A. humor                        B. humorous                         C. annoying                    D. annoyance 

7. It’s raining. Let’s go_________. 

            A. insides                       B. outside                             C. inside                         D. outsides 

8. Deaf-mutes can_________speak_________hear. 

            A. either/or                     B. both/and                          C. either/nor                   D. neither/nor 

9. Everyone left the movies so early because the film was_________. 

            A. bored                         B. boring                              C. boringly                     D. boredom

 10. Mai is almost_________me. 

            A. so tall as                    B. as tall as                           C. as tall like                  D. as tall 

11. The play is different_________what I have seen before. 

            A. in                               B. with                                 C. for                              D. from 

12. I’m tired and I’m getting _________.

             A. more angry                B. angrily                             C. anger                          D. angrier

 13. The teacher told us_________talk. 

            A. not                             B. don’t                                C. not to                         D. to not 

14. We’ll go swimming today _________it’s hot.

             A. so                              B. because                            C. so that                        D. then 

15. Children_________to drink milk every day. It’s good for them. 

            A. must                          B. don’t have to                   C. ought                         D. must not 

16. Sally _________him to come home early.

             A. tell                             B. say                                   C. ask                             D. told 

17. Of all my friends, Bao is_________sociable. 

            A. more                          B. most                                 C. the most                     D. the more 

18. I _________in this school for 2 years. 

            A. am taught                  B. have taught                      C. has taught                  D. had teach 

19. We must be there_________8.30 and 9.15 

            A. in                               B. on                                    C. between                     D. at 

20. You can buy fish at a _________. 

            A. shop                          B. stall                                  C. restaurant                   D. wet market 

21. He moved into this house last week. 

            A. He has move into this house last week.                 B. He moved into this house since last week. 

            C. He has moved into this house for last week.         D. He has moved into this house since last week. 

22. Hai is not so intelligent as Hoa. 

            A. Hoa is as intelligent as Hai                                     B. Hoa is more intelligent than Hai 

            C. Hai is more intelligent than Hoa                            D. Hoa isn’t so intelligent as Hai 

23. “Don’t get up late.” I said to my son. 

            A. I told him to get up late.                                        B. I told to him get up late. 

            C. I told him not to get up late                                   D. I told him not get up late 

24. There was a lake behind my parents’house, but there isn’t any more.

             A. There used to be a lake behind my parents’house.

             B. There use to be a lake behind my parents’house. 

            C. There used be a lake behind my parents’house. 

            D. There use be a lake behind my parents’house. 

25. Mr. David is a careful driver. 

            A. Mr. David always drive careful.                            B. Mr. David always drives careful. 

            C. Mr. David always drives carefully.                        D. Mr. David drives more careful. 

26. According to Tomorrow’s weather forecast, it is going to have a lot of black clouds. 

            A. It’s going raining tomorrow.                                  B. It’s going to rain tomorrow. 

            C. It’s is to rain tomorrow.                                         D. It’s going to raining tomorrow. 

27. Don’t stay up late every night. 

            A. You shouldn’t stay up late                                     B. You shouldn’t go to bed early.

             C. You should stay up late                                         D. You shouldn’t to stay up late.

III.Chọn từ có cách phát âm khác với các từ còn lại

28.       A. comfort                     B. delicious                          C. grocery                      D. resident 

29.       A. organize                     B. discussion                        C. restaurant                   D. neighbor 

30.       A. recycle                       B. resources                          C. position                      D. drawing 

IV.Chọn từ / cụm từ có gạch dưới cần phải sửa dể các câu sau trở thành chính xác

31. She is taking a shower at7 o’clock last night. 

              A   B        C       D 

32. The food in the city is expensiver than in the country. 

           A         B                  C                              D 

33. We are so proud about her for telling the truth. 

              A         B      C                D 

34. Did you used to go to the movies every Sunday last year? 

        A            B      C                       D 

35. They have been here since a while. 

                    A        B      C         D 

V.Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau, chọn phương án đúng cho mỗi chỗ trống. 

 Mrs. Marlene often spends too much money (36)______clothes. She needs no new (37)______but she loves buying them. Yesterday, she (38)______a beautiful coat in a shop window. She went in and put on. It was the right (39)______but it was very expensive. Mrs. Marlene did not have (40)______money, so she got back home. 

36.       A. in                               B. on                                    C. at                               D. for 

37        A. rugs                           B. ties                                   C. clothes                       D. rags

 38.       A. see                             B. saw                                  C. seen                           D. sees 

39.       A. length                        B. width                               C. size                            D. meter 

40.       A. many                         B. much                                C. more                          D. enough 

Hi, My name is John. I live inLiverpool.Liverpoolis a large city in the North of England. I live with my parents, my two brothers and my sister. We live in a large house. 

 In our house, there is a big kitchen, a dining room, a large living room, and a toilet. There is also a separate room for our washing machine and freezer. Upstairs there are five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and another toilet. Outside, there is a large garden. There are two garages. 

41. Where does John live? 

            A. InEngland               B. InWales                          C. InScotland               D. InFrance 

 42. How many people are there in John’s family? 

            A. 4                                B. 5                                      C. 6                                D. 7 

43. How many rooms are there in John’s house? 

            A. 10                              B. 11                                    C. 13                              D. 14 

44. Dining room is the room in a house where you _________. 

            A. usually relax in comfortable chairs                         B. eat meals

             C. cook food and wash dishes                                    D. wash your body

 45. Which of the following is not true? 

            A. John’s family live in a large house.                        B. The kitchen is big. 

            C. John’s house doesn’t have any gardens                 D. His house has two garages 

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