Đề thi giữa kì 1 lớp 7 môn Anh - THCS Hải Yến 2017

Đề kiểm tra 8 tuần học kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 7 trường THCS Hải Yến, phòng giáo dục Tĩnh Gia năm học 2017 - 2018.

Đề thi giữa kì 1 lớp 7 môn Anh - THCS Hải Yến 2017


I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. (0,5m)

1. A. bottle          B. collect            C. purpose             D. second

2. A. fear            B. earn                C. hear                  D. clear

II. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others. (0,5m)

1. A. collector               B. again                C. dirty                 D. provide

2. A. pottery                 B. model                 C. badminton       D. gymnastics

III. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence (3,0ms).

1. It’s good to__________blood because you can save people’s lives.

A. use                  B. help                C. donate                   D. collect

2. I_____playing board games interesting because I can play them with my friends.

A. find                    B. tell               C. say                        D. think

3. Nam wants to lose weight,________he began jogging last Sunday.

A. and                 B. so                   C. because                    D. or

4. He is holding his neck. I think he has a __________.

A. sunburn                 B. flu                  C. sore throat                 D. toothache

5. Sports like riding a bike and running use a lot of ____________.

A. calories                  B. diet                 C. food                         D. fruit

6. You are a ________if you help other people willingly and without payment.

A. homeless person             B. orphan                  C. sick child                 D. volunteer

7. If you have a lot of bottles, dolls or stamps, your hobby is __________.

A. cycling                 B. collecting                  C. decorating                     D. carving

8. My sister__________to pop music every day.

A. listen                    B. listening                   C. listens                   D. will listen

9. Because Minh has_________worked for a charity shop, he really wants to do it.

A. ever                    B. ago                 C. already                   D. never

10. My father has a/ an _________hobby: carving eggshells.

A. horrible               B. unusual                C. bad             D. boring

11. You’ll become healthier if you consume _________soft drinks.

A. less                B. more                  C. fewer                 D. much 

12. A: This weekend I’m going to the SOS village to teach the childrenthere.

B: I________you.

A. join              B. am joining               C. will join                    D. have joined

IV. Match the sentences in A with the sentences in B to form meaningful sentences. (1 m)



17.Eat a lot of red fruits and vegetables

18. Eat less high-fat food

19.Don’t read or study when there’s

not enough light

20.Eat enough calories.

a. because it is harmful for your eyes.

b. or you will become weak and tired.

c.to keep you from getting fat.

d .because they provide vitaminAwhich is good

for the eyes.

B. READING. (2.5 ms)

I. Read the text and mark the sentences as True (T) or False (F). (1.25 ms)


How can we keep our teeth healthy? First, we ought to visit our dentist twice a year. He can fill the small holes in our teeth before they destroy the teeth. He can examine our teeth to check that they are growing in the right way. Unfortunately, many people wait until they have toothache before they see a dentist.

Secondly, we should brush our teeth with a toothbrush fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day – once after breakfast and once before we go to bed. We can also use wooden toothpicks to clean between our teeth after a meal.

Thirdly, we should eat food that is good for our teeth and our body: milk, cheese, fish, brown bread, potatoes, red rice, raw vegetables and fresh fruit. Chocolate, sweets, biscuits and cakes are bad, especially when we eat them between meals. They are harmful because they stick to our teeth and cause decay.

Mark the sentences


21. We should not visit our dentist regularly.


22. It’s possible to wait until we have toothache, then we see a dentist.


23. We ought to brush our teeth twice a day.


24. We should eat more fish, raw vegetables and fresh fruit.


25. People are advised to eat chocolate, sweets biscuits and cakes between meals.


II.Read the text. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D. (1.25 ms)


Many pupils of our school have (26)______hobbies. Lara is 11 years old. She likes (27)_________ poems and painting pictures.

Tom is 15 years old ans he has very interesting hobbies. He likes dancing, designing Internet sites and (28)_________ the piano.

Robert is almost 13 years old. His hobbies are playing football and (29)________ detective stories. Our pupils do many interesting things and they are very busy.

They also love different (30)_______. Tom is the best pupil at Maths. Lara is good at Arts and Literature. And Robert is one of the best pupils at PE. Their hobbies help them study well too.

1. A. interest            B. interesting                  C. interested                D. interests

2. A. write                B. writes                       C. writing                    D. wrote

3. A. playing            B. play                         C. plays                        D. to play

4. A. read                B. reads                       C. to read                   D. reading

5. A. objects            B. sports                     C. subjects                   D. hobbies

C. WRITING. (2.5 ms)

I. Complete the following sentences using the cues given. (1 m)

1. I/ work/ in/ bank/ for ten years.


2. She/ not watch/ TV/ yesterday.


II. Imagine that you are a doctor. Write an e-mail of 60 – 80 words to respond your patient who is putting on weight. Give him/ her your advice. (1.5 m)

Đáp án đề thi giữa kì 1 lớp 7 môn Anh - THCS Hải Yến 2017

ĐỀ 1
































- I’ve worked in a bank for ten years.

- She didn’t watch TV yesterday. 


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