Đề thi kì 1 lớp 7 môn Anh 2017 - 2018 Phòng GD Châu Thành

Đề thi cuối học kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 7 của phòng Giáo dục Châu Thành năm học 2017 - 2018 có đáp án chi tiết.

Đề thi kì 1 lớp 7 môn Anh 2017 - 2018 Phòng GD Châu Thành

I. Listening: (2,0 pts)

Part 1: Listen and write the suitable name before each activity.(1 point)

0. Mai                          go to the cafeteria       

1. ____________        go to the circus     

2. ____________        watch a movie      

3. ____________        tidy the classroom

4. ____________        rehearse a play     

Part 2: Listen then write short answer to the following questions. (1 point)

1. Which class is Hoa in?                                _____________________________

2. Where does she come from?                       _____________________________

3. Does she have a lot of friends in Ha Noi?  _____________________________

4. Is she happy or unhappy now?                   _____________________________


II. Use of English: (2,0 pts)

     Choose the best option (from A, B, C, D) to complete each sentence.

1. Is the house in the city ____________ than a house in the countryside?

A. expensive               B. expensiver              C. more expensive       D. most expensive

2. Would you like some fruit juice?    ____________.

A. That’s all right.       B. Yes. I like it            C. Not at all.               D. Yes. I’d love some.

3. In ____________, we study plants and animals.  

A. History                   B. Computer Science  C. Biology                   D. Physics

4.  She eats ____________ fried rice for breakfast.

A. a few                      B. more                       C. many                       D. a little

5. How far ____________ from here to school? – It’s about one kilometer.

A. it is                         B. is it                          C. are you                    D. do you

6. Mr. Minh is a ___________. He repairs machines in a factory.

A. mechanic                B. worker                    C. journalist                 D. farmer

7. January is the ____________ month of the year.

            A. one                         B. first                         C. second                    D. two

* Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

A. busy                        B. tub                          C. uncle                       D. lucky

III. Reading: (2,0 pts)

Part 1: Read the conversation, the complete the sentences. (1 point)

        Mi and Nick are talking on the webcam.

Mi:    Wow. That room looks very big, Nick. I can see there’s a TV behind you.

Nick: Yes, I’m in the living room. Can you see my dog, Luke? He’s sitting on the sofa.

Mi:    Yes, I can. He looks happy.

Nick: Ha ha, he is. Your room looks nice too. Where do you live, Mi?

Mi:    I live in a town house. It’s near the city center and it’s very noisy. How about you? Where do  

          you live?

Nick: I live in a country house. Who do you live with?

Mi:    I live with my father, mother and younger brother. We are moving to an apartment next month.

Nick: Are you?

Mi:    Yes, we are. My aunt lives near there and I can play with my cousin, Vy.

Nick: Are there many rooms in your new apartment?


Mi:    Yes, there are. There’s a living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms. The

          kitchen is next to the living room.

Nick: Oh, that’s my mom. I’d better go. It’s dinner time. Bye, see you soon.

1. There is a ____________ and a sofa in Nick’s living room.

2. Luke likes _____________.

3. Mi thinks living near the city center is ____________.

4. Mi’s new home has ____________ bebrooms.

Part 2: Read, then answer the questions. (1 point)

May 10th

Dear Tim,

Thanks for your letter. I’m very glad to hear that you are fine. I am fine, too. It’s really interesting to know about vacations of American students.

You are right. We have fewer vacations than American students. Each year, we just have about four vacations. We have a day off for Independent Day on September 2nd, two days off on April 30th and May Day. Our most important vacation is Tet. Tet holiday often lasts for nine or ten days. Our longest vacation is summer vacation. It lasts for almost three months. We usually spend our vacation time with our families. We don’t have vacations for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we also celebrate them.

Please write and tell me your last summer vacation.

Your friend,


1. Do Vietnamese students have more or fewer vacations than American students?

" ________________________________________________________________________

2. Which vacation is the most important?

" ________________________________________________________________________

3. Do Vietnamese students have a three-month summer vacation?

" ________________________________________________________________________

4. What does Hoa do during her vacations?

" ________________________________________________________________________

IV. Writing: (2,0 pts)

Part 1: Complete the sentences, using the words given.      (1 point)     

1. What / you / study / Geography class?

" ________________________________________________________________________

2. The boy / swap / cards with his friends / at present.

" ________________________________________________________________________

3. The English books / be / the right corner / the back.

" ________________________________________________________________________

4. I / invite / some friends / my party / tomorrow.

" ________________________________________________________________________


Part 2: Rewrite the sentences. (1 point)

1. Nam can’t play table with us now. He is sick. (because)


2. He works 72 hours a week. His wife works 56 hours a week. (more)

" He works ________________________________________________________________

3. Why don’t we go shopping on Christmas Eve?

" Should we _______________________________________________________________

4. The picture is very colorful.

" What ___________________________________________________________________!

 V. Speaking: (2,0 pts)

Đáp án đề thi kì 1 lớp 7 môn Anh 2017 - 2018 Phòng GD Châu Thành

I. Listening: (2,0pts)

Part 1:

1. Ba                  2. Lan                          3. Kien                                    4.Nam

Part 2:

1. 7A          2.  Hue                        3. No                           4. unhappy

II. Use of English: (2,0pts)

1. C                             2. D                             3. C                                         4. D

5. B                             6. A                             7. B                                         8. A

III. Reading: (2,0 pts)

Part 1:

1. TV               2. sitting on the sofa               3. noisy                        4. three

Part 2:

1. Vietnamese students have fewer vacations than American students.

2. Tet is the most important.

3. Yes, they do.

4. She usually spends her vacation time with her family.

II. Writing: (2,0pts)

Part 1:

1. What do you study in Geography class?

2. The boy is swapping cards with his friends at present.

3. The English books are on the right corner at the back..

4. I will invite some friends to my party tomorrow.

Part 2:

1. Nam can’t play table with us now because he is sick.                                   

2. He works more hours than his wife.                         

3. Should we go shopping on Christmas Eve?

4. What a colorful picture!


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